Friday, November 1, 2013

There Are Kind Trick or Treaters Out There

Halloween isn't a thankless night. Most kids angling for candy are kind enough to thank you after you hand over the good stuff. Even if you're forking over the bad stuff -- I'm talking to you with the candy corn, toothbrushes, and Almond Joy bars -- costumed kids will still be respectful enough to show some appreciation.

Well, something cool happened in Coral Gables last night. When we went out to take our son trick or treating we left a basket of candy outside. We weren't out long, and I was relieved to see that kids and their parents didn't just raid the unattended candy basket dry.

That seemed to be the end to another festive Halloween, but then I noticed an envelope in my mailbox the next morning.

"Happy Holloween" it read in the kind of scribble that only a child could manage. Curiosity got the better of me. I opened it up, blown up with what I was about to read.

Thank you for all the candy you gave me. I will engoi the candy. Sencily Max

Typos aside, isn't that the cutest thing that you'll ever see on Halloween? Whether the kid took the initiative to do this on his own or his parents put him up to it, Max -- and I have no idea who he is -- took the time to pre-write thank you notes for the homes he would be hitting up later in the day.

Don't lose faith in the youngest generation. They may get it right just yet.

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